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Speakers at IACB 2018

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Dr. Hanna A. Alonim

Hanna A. Alonim - speaker at IACB 2018

Founder and President of The Mifne Center, expert and researcher on the autism spectrum

Dr. Hanna A. Alonim is an expert and researcher on the autism spectrum in infancy, graduated in Mental Health at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Alonim is the founder and Head of the Mifne Center for Treatment, Training, and Research, since 1987. The Mifne Center specializes in the treatment of infants diagnosed on the autism spectrum from all over Israel and the world. The treatment program encompasses the entire nuclear family.

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Sînziana Burcea

Principal clinical psychologist, adlerian psychotherapist, specializing in parenting and supervisor in clinical psychology

Sînziana Burcea - speaker IACB 2018Sînziana Burcea is a principal clinical psychologist, adlerian psychotherapist, specializing in parenting and supervisor in clinical psychology. She is the coordinator of The Early Intensive Care Center for the Autistic Child and His Family-Being MySelf from Piatra Neamț. She has over 15 years of experience in the therapy of the child with autism and 10 years since she introduced in Romania the concept of holistic approach to autism

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Carmen-Adriana Moldovan

Licensed tax expert, fiscal consultant, accredited accounting expert

Carmen-Adriana Moldovan - speaker IACB 2018Carmen-Adriana Moldovan is licensed tax expert of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, a fiscal consultant, accredited accounting expert. She is also the mother of two twin boys aged 9 years diagnosed in 2012 with TSA, both of whom are taught in mainstream schools.

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Ana Turtureanu

Behavior analyst and President of Lumea lui Arthur / Arthur’s World Association

Ana Turtureanu - speaker IACB 2018Ana Turtureanu is a behavior analyst and President of Lumea lui Arthur/Arthur’s World Association. She has more than 10 years experience in the area of behavior analysis as well as coordinating child intervention programs in which she emphasizes the family’s involvement and creating an interdisciplinary team to make sure the recovery process is successful.

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Ionel Mocanu

Behavior analyst, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Ionel Mocanu - Speaker IACB 2018Ionel Mocanu is behavior analyst, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and founder member of the “The Therapeutic Intervention Association for the Child and Family - Activity”. He has 10 years of experience in coordinating and implementing intervention plans (both for typical and special children), in providing individual and group parental counseling (he has a Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and Safety Circle accreditation) and in providing teacher with lessons about: The Causes  of Behaviors, Behavioral Management, ADHD, Developing Emotional and Social Abilities, Developing Motivation to Learn, The Importance of Playing in Developing the Children's Abilities.

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Ana Dragu

Psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in supervision, ABA therapist, President "Asociația Autism Europa Bistrița"

Ana Dragu - speaker IACB 2018Ana Dragu is a psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in supervision, ABA therapist, President "Asociația Autism Europa Bistrița", coordinator Center for Resource and Reference in Autism "Micul Prinț", Bistrita. She has over 8 years of experience in socio-therapeutic assistance for people with autism and their families. Ana Dragu is the author of the book "Mâini cuminti - Copilul meu autist" and founder of an autism magazine, "2 Elefanți".

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Alexandra Ababi

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Alexanda Ababi - speaker IACB 2018Ababi Alexandra, clinical psychologist - psychotherapist, graduate in Psychology and master in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Graduate of the School of Psychotherapy - Classical Psihodrama within the framework of the Romanian Psychological Association with the title of Psychotherapist under Supervision - Director of Classical Psihodrama. She has an experience of over 8 years working with children, adolescents and adults with disabilities.

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