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Speakers at IACB 2018

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Nicolae al României

Special guest

Nicolae al României - special guest at IACB 2018

Nicolae al României is the grandson of King Michael of Romania. Nicholas followed his family's steps and came to Romania in 2012 to continue the mission of his predecessors. Since 2012 he has been working in the educational, social and cultural environment by organizing and patronizing various initiatives and projects. He is recognized for his involvement in protecting and promoting the environment and for volunteering - especially for children with disabilities, autism and down syndrome.

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Dr. Hanna A. Alonim

Hanna A. Alonim - speaker at IACB 2018

Founder and President of The Mifne Center, expert and researcher on the autism spectrum

Dr. Hanna A. Alonim is an expert and researcher on the autism spectrum in infancy, graduated in Mental Health at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Alonim is the founder and Head of the Mifne Center for Treatment, Training, and Research, since 1987. The Mifne Center specializes in the treatment of infants diagnosed on the autism spectrum from all over Israel and the world. The treatment program encompasses the entire nuclear family.

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Daniela (Martinescu) Gavankar

Specialist psychologist, behavior analyst, ABA consultant, AITA President

Daniela Gavankar - speaker IACB 2018Daniela (Martinescu) Gavankar founded the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism (AITA) in December 2008, where she coordinates the therapeutic programs of children diagnosed with autism and other developmental disorders. She is a specialist psychologist, accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania, ABA consultant from 2010 and a specialist in early intensive intervention in the child with autism, supervisor and trainer accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania. She has been participating in conferences since 2008 and has been providing continuous training courses for psychologists - COPSI accredited as well as for parents and educators.

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Gabriela Vilhelmsen

Psychopedagogue and advisor at the Årstad Pedagogical Center, under the Department of Psychological and Pedagogical Services in Bergen, Norway

Gabriela Vilhelmsen - speaker IACB 2018She graduated from the "Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences - Psychopedagogy Department - in 2001, and in 2006 she accomplished her "Master of Philosophy in Special Needs Education" at the Faculty of Educational Sciences - University of Oslo, Norway.

She is Working directly with children with special needs in kindergartens or as an advisor for parents and staff. Her main interest is child communication and adjustment to the daily life, relationships with those around and play. Regardless of diagnosis, the child is part of the kindergarten or school group. The child takes part in, as much as possible, the same activities as the others.

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Sînziana Burcea

Principal clinical psychologist, adlerian psychotherapist, specializing in parenting and supervisor in clinical psychology

Sînziana Burcea - speaker IACB 2018Sînziana Burcea is a principal clinical psychologist, adlerian psychotherapist, specializing in parenting and supervisor in clinical psychology. She is the coordinator of The Early Intensive Care Center for the Autistic Child and His Family-Being MySelf from Piatra Neamț. She has over 15 years of experience in the therapy of the child with autism and 10 years since she introduced in Romania the concept of holistic approach to autism

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Carmen-Adriana Moldovan

Licensed tax expert, fiscal consultant, accredited accounting expert

Carmen-Adriana Moldovan - speaker IACB 2018Carmen-Adriana Moldovan is licensed tax expert of The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, a fiscal consultant, accredited accounting expert. She is also the mother of two twin boys aged 9 years diagnosed in 2012 with TSA, both of whom are taught in mainstream schools.

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Ana Turtureanu

Behavior analyst and President of Lumea lui Arthur / Arthur’s World Association

Ana Turtureanu - speaker IACB 2018Ana Turtureanu is a behavior analyst and President of Lumea lui Arthur/Arthur’s World Association. She has more than 10 years experience in the area of behavior analysis as well as coordinating child intervention programs in which she emphasizes the family’s involvement and creating an interdisciplinary team to make sure the recovery process is successful.

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Ionel Mocanu

Behavior analyst, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Ionel Mocanu - Speaker IACB 2018Ionel Mocanu is behavior analyst, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and founder member of the “The Therapeutic Intervention Association for the Child and Family - Activity”. He has 10 years of experience in coordinating and implementing intervention plans (both for typical and special children), in providing individual and group parental counseling (he has a Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and Safety Circle accreditation) and in providing teacher with lessons about: The Causes  of Behaviors, Behavioral Management, ADHD, Developing Emotional and Social Abilities, Developing Motivation to Learn, The Importance of Playing in Developing the Children's Abilities.

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Ana Dragu

Psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in supervision, ABA therapist, President "Asociația Autism Europa Bistrița"

Ana Dragu - speaker IACB 2018Ana Dragu is a psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist in supervision, ABA therapist, President "Asociația Autism Europa Bistrița", coordinator Center for Resource and Reference in Autism "Micul Prinț", Bistrita. She has over 12 years of experience in socio-therapeutic assistance for people with autism and their families. Ana Dragu is the author of the book "Mâini cuminti - Copilul meu autist" and founder of an autism magazine, "2 Elefanți".

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Alexandra Ababi

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

Alexanda Ababi - speaker IACB 2018Ababi Alexandra, clinical psychologist - psychotherapist, graduate in Psychology and master in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Graduate of the School of Psychotherapy - Classical Psihodrama within the framework of the Romanian Psychological Association with the title of Psychotherapist under Supervision - Director of Classical Psihodrama. She has an experience of over 8 years working with children, adolescents and adults with disabilities.

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Simona Marica

Psychologist, Member of the Romanian College of Psychologists, Supervisor in Clinical Psychology

Simona Marica - speaker IACB 2018 Simona Marica is a PhD Lecturer at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, carrying out courses of Social Psychology, Psychopathology, Psychodiagnostic and Clinical Assesment, Clinical and Health Psychology. Simona Marica provides Clinical practice guidance for students - Masteral Program of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Intervention.

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Alexandra Comarniceanu

BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) Analyst, ABA consultant

Alexandra Comarniceanu - speaker IACB 2018Alexandra Comarniceanu has a 12years experience, in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). She has graduated a MSc. in ABA at Bangor University, United Kingdom, and has become a BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) in 2012. She presented at conferences in Romania and UK, held trainings in various European countries, and, starting from March 2015, she is supervising the implementation of ABA at SACS AVA, an ABA centre in France.

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Roxana Maria Clinciu

Clinical psychologist and Speech therapist

Roxana Maria Clinciu - speaker IACB 2018Roxana Maria Clinciu is a clinical psychologist and speech therapist. She has been working with children with autism for 8 years, coordinating and implementing behavioral intervention programs. In 2017 she started Asociatia Uite cum cresc, where they develop therapy program and speech therapy for children with autism, development disorders, speech delay.

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Irina Andreea Chiriac Badeanca

Psychotherapist, Psychopedagogoue and a Speech Therapist

Irina Andreea Chiriac Badeanca - speaker IACB 2018Irina Andreea Chiriac Bădeancă is a psychotherapist, psychopedagogue and a speech therapist. She has been working with children with autism for 11 years, coordinating and implementing behavioral intervention programs. She has been working with children with delay in development and language disorders for 8 years. She has also been a trainer in speech therapy courses.

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Corina Aurelia Simoc

School teacher, Kindergarten epucator and Psychopedagogue

Corina Aurelia Simoc - speaker IACB 2018Corina Aurelia Simoc is a School teacher, Kindergarten educator and psychopedagogue. She has been working with children with autism for 6 years. She attended training in ABA and speech and language therapy.

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Amalia Lupu

Psychologist, speech therapist and ABA therapist

Amalia Lupu - speaker IACB 2018Amalia Lupu is a free practice psychologist in the field of Special Psychopathology, a speech therapist and ABA therapist with over 8 years of experience, a lecturer at the ABA conference and holds specialty courses for parents and speech therapists. She is the coordinator of the Speech Sherapy Department at Asociaței Help Autism and she is specialized in stimulating and correcting the verbal and non- verbal language of autistic children.

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Anne Marie Hoţoiu

Psychologist and speech therapist

Anne Marie Hoţoiu - speaker IACB 2018Anne Marie Hoţoiu graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Education Sciences Domain, Special Psychopedagogy Department, with Masters in the Inclusive School Psychopedagogy, within the University of Bucharest. She is an autonomous psychologist accredited by COPSI. The professional experience was acquired at a special school in Bucharest as a psycho-pedagogue teacher, where she practiced speech therapy.

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Elena Alexandra Nicolae

Psychologist, Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Alexanda Ababi - speaker IACB 2018Elena Alexandra Nicolae is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist. She has 10 years of experience in implementing and coordinating behavioral intervention plans for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, pervasive disorders and language development delay.

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Ionela Ferucă

Psychologist, Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, Behavior analist, ABA therapist

ionela Ferucă - speaker IACB 2018Ionela Ferucă graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and she is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist accredited by the College of Psychologists of Romania, behavior analist, ABA therapist and coordinator of intervention programs for the Helpautism Association

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Irina Isar

Psychologist, Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and ABA therapist

Irina Isar - speaker IACB 2018Irina Isar is a certified Psychologist, Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and ABA therapist for 4 years. Also she is an ANC Certified Trainer and Counselor for personal development. Irina Isar has an experience of 5 years in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

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Laura Radu

Cognitive-behavioral psychologist, Speech therapist

Laura Radu - speaker IACB 2018

Laura Radu is a speech therapist at the Asociația Help Autism. She is a free practice psychologist in Special Psychopedagogy and in professional training in hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy. She also teaches vocal-instrumental music classes at Fundația Bucuriile Muzicii. She is a lecturer at ABA Conference and she holds training courses for parents and therapists. Her work integrates psychology, psychopedagogy, speech therapy and occupational therapy through music and sound.

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Adriana Balsanu

Psychologist with free practice rights in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Special Psychopedagogy

Adriana Balsanu - speaker IACB 2018Adriana Balsanu is a licensed psychologist in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Special Psychopedagogy. She graduated from Psychodiagnosis and Psychological Counseling Masters, Ecological University, Bucharest and Masters of Applied Behavior Analysis from Clemson University, thus becoming Behavioral Analyst. Adriana is applying the applied behavioral intervention since 2008, is coordinating teams that work with children with different diagnoses and is training courses of initiation in ABA therapy and information courses for teachers and parents.

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Oana-Daniela Oprescu

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, therapist and ABA program coordinator

Oana-Daniela Oprescu - speaker IACB 2018Oana-Daniela Oprescu is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, therapist and ABA program coordinator within the Help Autism Association. She has 9 years of experience in ABA techniques and language disorder therapy. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest and the Master of Cognitive Psychodiagnosis and Psychological Counseling, Ecological University. She has completed the specialization courses in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies within the Association of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy.

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Violeta Mihalașcu

Clinical psychologist, TCC psychotherapist and Behavioral analyst

Violeta Mihalaşcu - speaker IACB 2018She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in cognitive-behavioral (autonomous) therapy, she has been working as a specialist in the recovery of children with autistic spectrum disorders since 2011. She works at the Help Autism Association, where she has been providing information for teachers and training courses for ABA therapists since 2014.

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Camelia Crîșmariu

Psychologist with rights for free practice in the field of Special Psychopedagogy

Camelia Crîșmariu - speaker IACB 2018Camelia Crîșmariu is a psychologist with rights for free practice in the field of Special Psychopedagogy. She started working with behavioral intervention since 2009. Starting 2015, she started her collaboration with the Help Autism association, where she coordinates the child intervention plans and teaches initiation courses in ABA therapy.

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Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe

Primary psychiatrist of children and adolescents, adlerian psychotherapist and accredited trainer

Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe - speaker IACB 2018Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe is a primary psychiatrist of children and adolescents and adlerian psychotherapist. She has 12 years of experience in hospital and ambulatory clinics, has coordinated multidisciplinary teams for evaluation and intervention in mental disorders in child and adolescent and is a trainer accredited by the Ministry of Labor.

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Ramona Stanciu

Ramona Stanciu, President of the Association of Parents of Children with Autism in Bacău

Ramona Stanciu - speaker IACB 2018

Ramona Stanciu is President of the Association of Parents of Children with Autism in Bacău, that founded and led the "St. Cosma and Damian" day center for people with autism in Bacau for five years. Given her interest in sensory therapy, Ramona specialized in Cluj and Berlin and, in 2016, she founded the first and only sensory integration room in Bacau.

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Andreea Petronela Veres

Psychologist, therapist and coordinator within "Ingerași din Bacău"

Andreea Petronela Veres - speaker IACB 2018Andreea Petronela Veres is a psychologist, therapist and coordinator within "Ingerași din Bacău". She graduated with a degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi and Jagellonian University, Poland. Since the first year of university, she has been seeking to develop her skills through attending courses, conferences, exchanges of experience in Romania and abroad, in the field of behavioral therapy, counseling, speech therapy and sensory integration.

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Marius Teodor Zamfir

Clinician psychologist and coordinator of Centrul Sfântul Mihail for Children with Autism

Marius Teodor Zamfir - speaker IACB 2018Marius Teodor Zamfir is a clinician psychologist and coordinator of Centrul Sfântul Mihail for Children with Autism - Children in Difficulty Romania Foundation. He is also president and founding member of the Association for Child Mental Health „Sfântul Serafim de Sarov” and president and founding member of Bright Kids Academy.

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Geanina Bucuroiu

Clinical Psychologist, Behavior analyst BCaBA

Geanina Bucuroiu - Speaker IACB 2018Geanina Bucuroiu is a behavior analist with more then 15 years of experience working with children with ASD, both in a specialized centre and in residential environment. Since May 2014 she become BCaBA. She is ABA consultant for many families with children with ASD, she is offering trainings for therapists and conseling for children with Asperger sindrom and theirs families. She is collaborating with one kindergarten and one school having as responsibilities the integration of children with ASD in mainstream education.

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Tatiana Dănciulescu

Clinical psychologist, Speech therapist and Indepedent pedagogue

Tatiana Dănciulescu - Speaker IACB 2018Tatiana Dănciulescu is the President of Piano Therapy Association and she formed Piano Therapy Method. She is also an Independent Psychologist and speech therapist recognized by the College of Psychologist. She is working in his own psychology office and also at the Piano Therapy Association.

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Anca Ghearasamescu

Art Therapist Phronetik®

Anca Ghearasamescu - Speaker IACB 2018Anca is art therapist Phronetik® in supervision at Romanian Association of Expresive Thersapies (ARTE) and Wiener Schule fur Kunsttherapie (WSK), Austria. She has 3 years experience in art therapy practice with children, teenagers and adults. She has been working with children from public and private foster homes in individual and group art therapy sessions. Previously Anca graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Psychopedagogy Department.

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Iuliana Baban

Educational psychologist

Iuliana Baban - Speaker IACB 2018Iuliana Baban is an educational psychologist specialized inspeach therapy with over 10 years experience in creating and implementing personalized intervention plans for children with mental deficiencies and associated syndromes or other developmental disorders. This experience has mainly been achieved by activating as a psycho-pedagogue teacher in special education school for students with mental and associate deficiencies but also external collaborations, of which the most important is the volunteer speech therapist at the Association of Therapeutic Intervention for Child and Family “Activity”.

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Bogdan Cristian Fitiu

Specialist Physician in Pediatric Psychiatrist

Bogdan Cristian Fitiu - Speaker at IACB 2018He is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental, behavioral, thinking and emotional disorders that may occur in children and adolescents aged 0-18 years. He is a member of the Romanian Society of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Child and Adolescent in Romania and in the "Romanian Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Associated Professions". He also is a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation.

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Bianca Stănescu

Psychological counselor accredited by the Psychologists' College in Romania

Bianca Stănescu - speaker IACB 2018Bianca Stănescu is a founder member of the “The Therapeutic Intervention Association for the Child and Family - Activity” and psychological counselor accredited by the Psychologists' College in Romania. She has 6 years’ experience in working with children and applying ABA principles. For two years, she has been coordinating and implementing behavioral programs. She also provides psychological counseling and coordinates the social-emotional developing groups.

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Laura Cristescu

Distinction Masters in Special Education: Autism (Children)

Laura Cristescu - Speaker IACB 2018Her professional experience involves extensive work with children and young people with autism and additional needs. She had worked for 2 years as a Playworker and Resource Manager for a Birmingham charitable organisation providing after-school and holiday play provision for children and young people with autism, as a Camp Counselor at a camp for people with various disabilities, and as support worker for two young people with autism and physical disabilities. She also had been working in a special school for children with autism for the past 3 years, and have recently been asked to become a Governor for the school.

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Loredana Tîrțopan

Behavioral Analysis Consultant

Loredana Tîrțopan - Speaker IACB 2018Tîrțopan Loredana is a Behavioral Analysis Consultant  at the New Odyssey Center. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Bucharest University and the Applied Behavior Analysis Master of Clemson University, and is currently pursuing Masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counselors.

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Iliana Comendant

Clinical psychologist, speech therapist and ABA therapist

Loredana Tîrțopan - Speaker IACB 2018Iliana Comendant is a clinical psychologist accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania, with 7 years experience in ABA therapy and over 10 years in pre-university education. With professional training in ABA therapy, speech therapy, sensory therapy, alternative therapies - music, art, play and socialization, she supports classes for parents and child development specialists.

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Bianca Angelescu

Behavioral Analysis Consultant

Bianca Angelescu - Speaker IACB 2018Bianca Angelescu is a behavioural analysis consultant at the New Odyssey Center. She graduated the Faculty of Psychology, and as an area of interest she pursued the clinical area, completing the Masters program in Health Psychology – Clinical Research and Behavioral Optimization at the University of Bucharest.

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Cristina Janet Costin


Cristina Janet Costin - Speaker IACB 2018Cristina Janet Costin is a principal physiotherapist with experience in motor and neuromotor recovery with children and adults for 15 years. She has over 10 years experience with children with autism within the Association AITA. Cristina Janet Costin is also a participant in various conferences and workshops in therapeutic interervention in autism.

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Andrei Mircea Stan

High school student

Andrei Mircea Stan - Speaker IACB 2018Andrei, at the age of 16 years old, is a high school student in 9th grade at a college in Bucharest. He and his twin brother, Ovidiu, were diagnosed with Autism at the age of 1.10 months by several medical offices. Starting from a developmental coefficient that announced a severe mental retardation, the twin brothers overcame many of the disorder’s barriers with a lot of work and effort. Today, Andrei can share about the memories and the stages of his integration into school and society.

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Mihaela Stan

Parent of children with TSA, personal assistant, ABA therapist, manager, legal advisor, educational counsellor, President of Puzzle Romania Association

Mihaela Stan - Speaker IACB 2018Mihaela Stan is the president of the Puzzle Romania Association and mother of twin boys who were diagnosed with autism at the age of 1 year and 10 months. After following an early multidisciplinary program intervention and behavioral therapy (ABA), the boys are now high school students in grade 9 with educational and special needs (CES). The challenges she has faced so far have determined her to get involved and show that it is possible and that every single child with special or typical disabilities has the chance to be stimulated to reach their own potential to the fullest.

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Valentina Puicea

Clinical psychologist, coordinator within the Association "Lumea lui Arthur"

Valentina Puicea - Speaker IACB 2018Valentina Puicea is a clinical psychologist and is the coordinator within the Association Lumea lui Arthur. She has an expertise of 8 years in implementing, conducting and supervising numerous interventions dedicated to children with autism. In approach of professional development, she focuses on the accuracy and the theoretical and practical rigors of the behavior, hence, nowadays, she studied BCBA at Clemson University.

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Simona Bălan

Clinical psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Simona Bălan - Speaker IACB 2018Simona Bălan is a graduate of the Master of Clinical Psychology at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest and has a training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy within the Association of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. She is a clinical psychologist accredited by the College of Psychologists in Romania with extensive experience both in clinical evaluation and in the intervention and monitoring of children with atypical development.

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Nicoleta Burlacu

Clinical psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and president of the Together Step by Step Association

Nicoleta Burlacu - Speaker IACB 2018Nicoleta Burlacu is a specialist clinical psychologist, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, accredited by the Romanian Psychologists' College and president of the Together Step by Step Association. She has over 12 years experience in clinical assessment of typical and atypical children, currently reaching over 1,500 assessments. She also creates and implements personalized programs for children and adolescents.

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Daniela Mădalina Jaga

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Daniela Madalina Jaga - Speaker IACB 2018Daniela Mădalina Jaga is a certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and has been working with autistic children and their families for more than 10 years. She is a mental health certified social worker and a founder of the Association "Deschidem Lumea".

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Mădălina Potoroacă

Primary pediatric psychiatrist

Mădălina Potoroacă - speaker IACB 2017

Madalina Potoroacă is a primary physician in child and adolescent psychiatry, having a 20 year experience. She also has competences in counseling the child and adolescent family, complex assessment of children with disabilities, avant-garde training in pediatric psychophamacology and neurobiological mechanisms of pediatric psychopathology. She is the manager of Dr. Potoraca Medical Clinic, a pediatric psychiatry clinic, psychiatry, autism, ADHD, emotional and language disorders, as well as adult / parental therapies.

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