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Information on cookie, privacy and personal data protection policy

Version: 1.0

We are the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism (AITA), and you can contact us anytime you like. We have always and by default respected your right to privacy, and our website has been designed to respect this right and to keep your data safe. In order for you to benefit from the IACB conference tickets and other information about autism issues and for the services we offer, including online services and information, we also need to collect some personal data; we ensure that all the data we collect is kept to the minimum and we rely on legal grounds.

Using any of the services offered by the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism (AITA), you agree to read and understand our privacy and data protection policy and, if you are limited to accessing the site, our cookie policy, as follows. To make sure everything is easy to read, we've included a title and a simple explanation for every aspect.

Deletion of cookies

To give you a nice viewing experience on our site, we use small files, called cookies, that we place on your computer or mobile device. Without these, for example, the site can bother you with dialogs with the same message every visit. You can delete all data from our cookies right now using the individual cookie deletion feature you find in your browser's list of options.

To see what cookies are on our site
, click here (and open in a new window).

What does personal data mean?

Personal data is considered to be those data that are related to a person and make it possible to identify that person through the link between that person and the aspect that can identify it. Examples of such data: name and surname, IP, e-mail address, video or photo image that allows person identification, etc.

What data do we collect?

The personal data we collect is those you provide for access to our services (evaluations, therapies, courses, other events) and the purchase of online tickets for our events (exclusively on the website), and the occasional transmission of our newsletter.

Generally, we collect and process the following personal data: first and last name, email address (s), telephone number you provide us (service / personal), IP address only if we leave comments (to combat spam). In the case of children who come to AITA to receive therapies, we collect and process the data necessary to conduct the therapies in good condition and which we use in good faith and discretion, exclusively for the purposes of: ensuring the right therapies on a case-by-case basis and training the AITA staff on the specificity of each case, in order to ensure optimal therapies.

The data we process when you use our services


  • we place cookies on your device. These are small files that remind you that you've visited our website in order to give you a more enjoyable and useful experience on our site, for example, to find out which pages you are most interested in, and what content you prefer to receive from us);
  • we need your contact information when you contact us so we can respond;
  • we need the COPSI number for granting credits.

Important! We do not have access to, nor collect your payment / credit / debit card data! These are processed in the same way as a POS in a shop, by MobilPay, a payment card processor that complies with all applicable laws and ensures by its own means the protection of these data.

Why we process this data?

We process these data for the legitimate purpose of fulfilling our mission, goals and object as an association, including:

  • to offer you the services you want;
  • to obtain statistics and measurements to help us understand how we can improve the quality of the services we offer you;
  • to improve the quality of our services and to develop new ones;
  • to facilitate access to our services;
  • to provide you with information about services that might interest you, as well as about special offers and free of charge;
  • to carry out fundraising campaigns necessary to carry out the association's activities;
  • to ensure improved security and protect you against possible cyber attacks, fraud, abuse.

You have control over how your data is used

For example, when you visited our site, you accepted that we use cookies. But if you change your mind, you can manage the cookies in your browser and not accept placing them on your computer at future access.

If you want to see what data you have provided us, you can always ask us what they are, but not more than once a year, and you can receive them in an easily accesible format format (CSV, PDF, TXT, DOC) or request at any time to delete or terminate the use of your data. You can do all this
by contacting us »

However, you should know that if you request data deletion, if you later wish to receive the services offered by AITA, offline or via the website, you will need to provide us with this data again. You also need to know that we are legally obliged to keep certain data (for example, those in contracts and invoices) - we have no right to delete or destroy them until after the legal minimum period for keeping them, which is different in each case.

How long do we keep your data?

Generally, we keep your data for a period of 36 months after we cease processing it (for example, if you do not communicate with us in any way for three years, we will delete your data, but if you return, the data will be collected again ). The audio and video recordings of AITA's conferences and events are kept for 15 years, and we can use them to train our therapists and trainers and to promote the association and the events organized by us. We ensure that we do not keep these records abusively or more than strictly necessary. The email with which you subscribed to the newsletter is deleted on request by using the Unsubscribe link in each newsletter - if you have unsubscribed and you wish to receive our newsletters again, you will have to re-subscribe. We only keep the cookies for 30 days, and then we'll ask you again if you agree with them on our first visit to our site.

Your data is safe with us

We do not make your data available to third parties except under the conditions provided by law, to the entities empowered under our contracts to fulfill our business in the best possible conditions, and in compliance with your rights. In no way do we sell your data, either individually or as part of a database.

We protect you further

Our website is hosted under ISO 27001 security, and uses SSL technologies to provide forms encryption for added protection.


If you feel that we are not acting properly with respect to your personal data, you can contact the competent authorities here: