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The International Autism Conference Bucharest IACB 2018

After the enormous success of last year, the International Conference IACB 2018 comes as a natural continuation and becomes the most important event in Romania, dedicated entirely to families and specialists in autism.

The conference will also be held this year in Bucharest, October 19-21, at the Rin Grand Hotel, in a place and professional environment, full of information, humanity, understanding and resources for both specialists and parents.

The conference is organized by AITA - The Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism, and brings to Bucharest parents, specialists, people with autism, representatives of NGOs in the country, numerous Romanian and international lecturers.

Running within 3 days, the conference will bring into discussion therapies that people with autism need, services and approaches, identifying needs, solutions and resources in complex documented papers, but bringing lecturers' scientific evidence and emotion, and especially inspiration and good practice models from Romania and other countries.

The conference, as a whole, has been thought of as a scientific manifestation, but also as an invitation to partnership, in which all those involved can assert their point of view. It has a high degree of interactivity among all those present at the event, thus transforming a formal conference into a relaxed opportunity to ask questions, and an environment conducive to discussing personal experiences in life with autism. Being already at the second edition, the organizers want to bring together all the important factors in the life of a person with autism, which can facilitate their access to a better and fuller life.

Autism changes the life of the whole family, not just the child receiving the diagnosis. In large part, specialists dealing with autism only take care of the child and provide support on all areas of development, which is very correct but insufficient. A complete therapy program is recommended to include both the child and the family, parents, siblings. In order to rebalance the family and to better integrate the child into the family, but also the family in society, each member of the family must have resources, support and counseling.

We look forward to seeing you in October at IACB 2018.

Daniela Gavankar, IACB Scientific Coordinator
President of the Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism