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Association for Therapeutic Intervention in Autism - AITA
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The International Autism Conference Bucharest IACB2017

The International Autism Conference Bucharest IACB2017 is a bridge between therapeutic practice and research, bringing together the work of people involved every day in the treatment of disorders in the field of autism, researchers in the field, people with autism, and the real stories of families living with autism every day. Designed  to allow high interactivity between presenters and participants, the Conference will have plenary presentations and workshops. As a novelty, there will be panels in the form of direct discussions between specialists in a particular area and the participants, who are invited to ask specific questions and discuss various aspects of basic themes.

IACB2017 represents an innovative and multidisciplinary approach, a novelty in the world of Romanian psychology, especially in the area of autism. More than researchers and professionals in the field, we want to involve the parents as much as people with autism. We work everyday with the families of those affected by autism and we know how much they need to be updated with the latest information on this spectrum disorders therapy. Therefore, we intend to bring together parents and professionals to share the latest knowledge and best practices.

The focus of the Conference is represented by children with autism and interventions for them, and this year we invite specialists with experience in approaches with scientifically proven results, based on both behavioral therapies, such as ABA (Applied Beahavior Analysis), DTT (Discrete Trial Training), FCT (Functional Communication Training) PRT (Pivotal Response Training), and on other intensive early intervention programs, social skills training, medication, alternative and augmentative communication, speech therapy, occupational and sensory therapy, PECS (The Picture Exchange Communication System), parent implemented interventions.

Autism therapy is a long process and its ultimate goal is social integration and full functioning in society for people affected. We will take time to discuss and debate aspects of everyday life for people with autism and their families, so we invite stakeholders from the Ministry of Education and Health and sociologists and NGO members with great results in this fied. By putting together all those involved in the daily routine of dealing with autism, we want to define the current problems as much and as precise as possible, and to help the decision makers to adjust the social policies to the current issues autistic people deal with on a daily basis.